they came fum the grave we think

a nuther day in paradise if paradis is runing for you life and doging the shots frum a sniper far abov you but im geting a hade of my self

the mornig was a normol one for the most part i got up grabd my cold cup of cofey that i mayd last nite and went out side to woch the sun cum up thats wen i herd the gun shot ring out over the still mornig (grat no thay will come this way) i thot to my self as i puld my spy glas and look in to the ner by mdow seeing at lest 17 zombys come shamboling out of the forist heding tors the town be hind the motan that the cave i cald home restid

gathering my stuf and loding my revolver i rilisd i only had 14 bulits left i shuvd the 4 left after loding my guns in my pockit and whent up the montansid wen i got to the top i look at the city far below me and sed “who the hell fired thar wepon” to my self and down the motan to the city whar noone was left or so i thot abowt hafe whay thar i stopd and lookt with my spy glas to see whar the zombys wher and how i was going to get to my supliy hows wen i spotid 6 pepol run in to a groshery stor (well i ges my plan just got changd) i thot as i put the spy glas awy

when i got to the botum of the montan i look arond and saw a grop of 3 eting some thing moving as quick and as silintly as i cood i moved pasd them the stor whas rufly 10 bioks from hear after not seeing any thing for a copol of bloks i startid to whery this plas is usoly croling with them then i herd it the teltayol sond of a zomby seeing its pray terning on my heols i saw a runer charging at me i jumpt out of it whay barly drowing my sword i spon and slist at him missing him by inchis it ternd and grabd at mekeching my arm it dragd me clows as i stabd my sword at its had and landing it squar in to its eye and strat in to its brayn its bodey fell limp and topld to the grond i quickly look arond to see if any zombys herd the srek but my luck was not with me on this day as 2 zombys came stumboling anuther corner thank the god thay wher slow i quickly brok in to a sprint i ran strat tors the stor but ech stret i past thar wher more and more of them the stor was a short distans awhy then out of no whar BANG a gun shotr rang out over the city i saw the stor i was closing the distans quick but the bulits wher barly fliyyng past my had but it was slowing down the zombys

than out of no wher somone yells “is thar living coming forth or can we kill at will”

“yes thar is living now stop soting ant me and get the runers” i yeld back as i felt a hand grab my sholder and yank me back werds i quickly druw my gun ans spun on my heol thrusting my gun into its opnd moth i puld the triger the bulit ript thruw the zombys skall and nerly hit anuther one i began to run in revers taking ame and fireing my ferst exsplodid throw one of thar hads and inbedid its self into a seconk ones hade then the sword slist throw a nuther ones throwt not killing it but pushing it back nocking a totol of 4 to the grond than that wher trampold befor thay cood atempt to get back up

i spun ones more nerly tripning my self and dojing a grassping hand i pushd my botty to run faster as the hord got closer 3 shots fluw past me and perst in to the unded behind me widning the gap betwen me and them

reching the frunt door and puling on the handol rilising that this door had bin lock for the beter part of ten yers “arond back and be quick a bowt it” a womans voys cald out frum ubuv me not wonting to whast time i ran tords the back of the stor but as i rond the corner to the back thar stood six of them standig direcktle in frunt of the back door knowing that this was the only safe way in i rasd my gun and shot the bulit whent throw one of them with suprising eays and plungd in to anuther kocking it backwreds taking down anuther thay all began to shambol tords me as the back door swung opind and two girls came out

duck" one yeld as a shot gun blast went of i quickly jumpd out of the whay but i wasnt quit quick anuf as some of the peits persd in to my lag just below my kney i rold over on to my back as i saw a spray of bulits slis throw the remanig zombies as thay dropd i whas helpd to feet and brot in side

wen thay sat me down i rilisd that one was wharing snack skin chaps cowboy boots a hunting vest and a wife beter and other was wharing a fer cowt with a hoody zipd up haf way up and a red spugety stap shert with a bow betwen her brests her pants wer some sort of goth trick

grat im saving a grop that cant shot wherth a dame" i sed well i lookd a the wond on my layg

what do you mean saving us we just savd you" the one with the chaps yeld at me

stacy you shodnt yell thar rite out sid" the gothik girl sed then lookd at me with a look like she wontid to rap me or she whontid to drink the blud osing out of my layg “im ace and the grumgy one is stacy shes a cop belev it or not”

stop teling evrey one that im a cop i havnt bin a cop sens thay showd up" stacy sed as a sad look crold over her fays

ya well its a goog thing thars no pigs arond any more cus now thar aent noone thats busting my bals" a voys sed from the corner

o and thats bub hes kind of laysy if you know what i mean" ace sed with a gigol “he uws to be a gang memger to”

im a member of the crips and olwas will be"he sed as he stepd forwed with a smock in one hand and a gun in the other he wore a blouw shert and his pans begin to fall off and a blud stand bandana tiyd arond his had

if you all dont be quiyit youll leyd more to us" a womans voys sed from behind me it whas the same one frum the roof “and my nams Whistler whats yours stranjer”

im dusty and i was comeing to save you and your groop but a parently you got evrything under control hear so ill be going now" i sed as i began to get up

ferst thank you and secont your going nower fast with that layg" Whistler sed puting her hand on my shoder "we can uws a giy like you iv never sen someone showt that good an is skild with a sword howd you lern to uws a sword like that "

i tot my self" i sed with a grin on my fays “now i cood uws some twesers and some bandigis if you got some”

no all are supliy got left with the truck"ace sed with a sad look on her fays

whar is the truck at" i askd

down the stret in the oposit direshon you came frum by a gas stashin" stacy sed ponting in the direshin she ment

ok lets go get it then we can get my other suplis befor it finds us"i sed raping my layg with one of my sherts

what do you men it finds us what the hell is out thar" stacy replid

its a garilla that has mutatid some what and are bulits dont rily do any thig to it" i sed lowding my guns

yow man that garilla things coming this whay"bub sed with a skard look

yes so we need to go now ok" i sed and got to my feet “war is the roof akses”

this way and are you sher your going to be ok" ace sed runing up next to me

ya iv had a lot whers than this befor" i replid as i began to limp my way to the roof

on the roof i cood see that thar was going to be no esey whay out of hear lenig slitly over the ege i cood see a truck lowdid with suplis siting at the gas stashin and svrol zombies arond it “is thar someone still in your truck” i askd ace

yes he was a dumass that jumpd back in to the truck and lockd the doors when thay ambosd us" Whistler sed as she climd on to the roof

so who has the kees"i askd looking at Whistler

we dropd them at the gas stashin" ace cimd in with a smiyol

what are you smiling at" stacy bark at ace "its not a good ting that littol shit cant cach werth a dam

calm down he was skard thats all"Whistler replid

well thing just get beter and beter dont thay" i sed wocking a rond the roof top seing if we cood go by roof top but the aly was to whid and thar whas no way i cood jump it than it hit me “get bub up hear i got a plan” i sed and stacy ternd and went down the later to get bub well we whatid i puld some tolls i har in my bayg

after a whiyol bub and stacy climd back on to the roof “what is it man” bub gripd at me

you whont to get out of hear rite" i sed with a smiyol he jusd nodid than grab the top step of the lather" with a cunfusd look on his fays he lend down and grabd the later well i began to unskrow it from the wall it took longer than i thot it would i then helpd him pull it up to the roof "ok now help me lay it a cross the aleyway

it was jusd long enuf to wherk “latys fersd” he sed looking at stacy

“ill go fersd to tesd it what tell i get a crosd then come acrod one at a time ok” i sed climing on to the later inching my way acrosd i felt the later bow just a littol but it held climing on to the next roof i teernd and signold for them to clim a crosd thay climd a cross one by one tell ace was the only one left i signold her to come acrosd but she was frosin for some rsen

“shes a frad of hits” stacy sed looking at ace tremblimg in fer

“stay ther ill come and get you” i sed tacking off my back pack and the holsters i wood of tiyd my self off but i had no rop i climd back on to the later and mayd my whay back acros wen i got a cros i told her “get on my back and hold on tiyt” she shok her had refusing to move so i pickd her up cratoing her in my arms thankfuly she was lite aftr a secont or two i manigd to stnd my self up on the later it was smoth for the ferst copol of steps then she began to squerm and nockd me of balins for a momint keching mybalins i told her “dont move inles you wont to fall”

i dont wont to fall"shr sed with a shaky voys i tock a copol more steps and the later began to creck and mown it got wers as i continud but just befor i got to the other side the later slipd and went down with a lowd crash not being quick anuf me and ace went down with it i manigd to land safly but i colapsd from the sher a mont of payn that shot throw my injerd lage ace on the other hand came crshing down vilently

are you two ok" thay semd to yell all at ones

toss me my stuf and be quick abowt it" i yeld back up and within secons my bage and guns plopd into the aly knowing thar was a copll of payn pills in my bag i dragd my self over to my bage

what are you going to do and is thar any whay we can help" stacy yeld down to me

stop yelling and meet me in front" i resondid and chockdown the last copol paynpills i had “that shood tack the egj of” i sed to my sellf draging myself over to ace and examind her for any thing that mite kill her if i triy to move her then i herd some thing looking arond i notisd a croler cuming at us draging what was left of its lags behind him it let out a lite mown as it saw us knowing that it had the uper hand well we wher on the grond i grabing the ozey frum ace and dragd my self over to a wall hoping i puld the clip out and chekd the caluber not my lucky day sliding the clip back in to the ozey

geting to my feet was panfull but i manigd looking at the craler i puld my revalver and fired the shot nayold him in the sholder but the sond was gratly amplafid by the waalls arond me i amed agen this time the buit whent rite throw its had stoping it cold hering a low mown i trnd slowly almos falling but i cot myself agensd the wall and saw anether zombie come in to the ally from the rowd well im fucked i thot levoling my gun at the zombie and fierd the bulit pingd off the wall the zombie was next to fierd a sekont shot only this time a klick sond came from the gun fliping out the silinder dumpd the shels out i puld out the last 4 bulits out of my pockit and lowdid them in to my revalver and limpd over to ace

can you move" i wisperd into her ear she gave me no respns i lookd over my sholder to see whar the zombie was it was geting a lot closer than i would like lifting ace up i began to limp out of the aley

they came fum the grave we think

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